Just in case you’re wondering what fun things I may have in store for 2016. I’ll share.

July will mark the first time I will tour abroad! I’ll begin in Italy July 5th, plan to tour France as well and perhaps Holland. July 23rd I begin a guided tour (leisure). Of course you can mix business with pleasure. I’ll be getting a first glimpse of Eastern Europe. Croatia, Czech and Hungary are just a few of the places I’ll be doing some sight-seeing and of course getting a taste of the nightlife.

When I return home, I’ll be gearing up for Sturgis! I plant ride my bike from Las Vegas to the Sturgis rally. What a blast that will be!

BTW- random….. Clover recently asked me if I’ve ever been fisted. Answer is no. I think her hand is the perfect size.

  • Dillanger

    I lireatlly jumped out of my chair and danced after reading this!