More About Me

There is an energy created and never lost in space when two people connect. Every exchange we make with another human etches a memory in one’s story. Let me draw you in with my playful and sensual energy, and breathe you in until we both become entangled into an orgasmic spaceball catapulted out of the time and space continuum we know as our universe.

Who am I? Your wildest dream….. and sometimes, maybe your worst nightmare.

I am like a chamelion in that at once I can hypnotize with a spell-binding kiss- wanting for more… only moments later have you begging me to stop just before taking you over the edge of a steep, turbulent fall into the depths of bliss.

I am a snake charmer, ringleader, student, evoker of dark and beastly carnivorous hunger for lust. Come and get me.

Would you enjoy being ravaged by myself and a friend? Please, read about some of my client’s experiences with Christie L’amour and Rachel

Good Girl