Your International Esteemed Atmosphere Model

The human body is something to be explored.
Join me and be my vehicle on my quest to be submerged in the land of cosmic bliss


I am Trixxxie Love, International Premier Atmosphere Model

Hello and welcome to my site. Now that you’ve stepped into my world there’s no turning back.

There is an energy created and never lost in space when two people connect. Every exchange we make with another human etches a memory in one’s story. Let me draw you in with my playful and sensual energy, and breathe you in until we both become entangled into an orgasmic spaceball catapulted out of the time and space continuum we know as our universe. Are you enticed? Read further…….

About Me

I am a youthful yet sophisticated international woman of mystery. I know just what I want and how to reach for it. I began feeling a passion from within at a very delicate age. What began as a spark is now an engulfing inferno roaring through the wilderness that is earth. My life has been filled with wonder and thrills as I have travelled the globe with a sense of adventure. I invite you to join me on my current quest to find the ultimate satisfaction, escaping limits and boundaries to experience pure pleasure.Who am I? Your wildest dream….. and your worst nightmare.I am like a chameleon in that at once I can hypnotize with a spell-binding kiss- wanting for more… only moments later have you begging me to stop just before taking you over the edge of a steep, turbulent fall into the depths of bliss.I am a snake charmer, ringleader, student, evoker of dark and beastly carnivorous hunger for lust. Come and get me.


Model Booking:

Rates for Las Vegas Incall:

Minimum 1.5 hours 750

2 hours 950

Rates for Las Vegas Outcall:

Minimum 1.5 hours 700

2 hours 900

12 Hours Model Booking begins at 3500

24 Hours Model Booking begins at 5000

The above rates are for basic atmosphere model experience. Special requests are subject to additional fees. Each additional hour beyond 2 will be pro-rated for basic experience. These rates do not include any travel expenses, and incall/outcall rates may vary by city.

Available for custom video requests including but not limited to photography sessions, adult video solo, B/G, G/G, fetish and costume roleplay.

Send me an e-mail for more information. Verification that you are a legitimate professional with a good reputation required.

Should you have the desire to purchase a gift for me, please have a look at my Amazon wishlist:

TriXXXIe’s Amazon Wishlist

Craving some TriXXXIe Love but can’t seem to escape to Vegas? Now offering Skype shows. Username “TrixxxieLoves”

My Tour Dates

Philadelphia, PA March

NYC March

Washington DC March

RVA March

Take me to a nude city getaway.


1. How do you feel about being a companion?

Being a companion has taught me so much about myself, my body, the human condition and pleasure. Pleasure has become exploratory instead of mechanical (a term used quite often in the industry). I don’t hesitate to ask my clients “what is your fantasy?” and I am honored when they are not shy to share some of their most inner desires with me. I’m often inspired by these fantasies to further experiment. Being a companion has enriched my life and most importantly given me freedom.

2. As a private person, verification makes me nervous. Is it really necessary?

Now that you know more about me, let’s focus on you. Take comfort in knowing that I consider discretion to be of utmost importance. I am just as private as you which is why the screening process is essential for the safety and security of the both of us. Trust that your personal information will be held in strict confidence and discarded once the process is complete. Share a bit about yourself below in the contact form below.





The human body is something to be explored. After our first introduction, I’ll be sure to have you coming back for more to satisfy your hunger. Let’s have fun getting to know one another!